Show your stripes with this Japandi-style collection of woven baskets in sand and white. These ethically woven baskets are hand dyed using Kenyan soil, and hand woven from sisal fibres. Sisal grass is usually purchased in ready-rolled batches when the cooperative receives our orders, which is hand-dyed in large vats before weaving begins.  Produced by a member of a small but flourishing women’s weaving cooperative, these storage baskets come in three sizes which means there’s one for every corner of the home: these baskets make gorgeous desk tidies, planters and flower pots to laundry baskets, large planters and nursery storage. Need more ideas? Check out our basket uses page HERE.

The women behind our baskets have woven from a young age: this age-old craft is passed along the female line, from grandmothers to mothers to daughters in rural communities. Before our involvement, weavers would regularly travel to Nairobi to sell their woven baskets, but The Basket Room now provides this cooperative with regular basket orders and the group continues to thrive and grow.

MSETO: Sand and Natural Wide Stripe Woven Storage Basket M